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The Association

The CYS (Chi Yan Seen 慈仁善) International Association was established on January 28, 1991. The name of CYS was first proposed by our former Chairman, Edward Jan (1992-1995) and was later adopted by the Association. Under the leadership of our former Chairman, Gary Leung (1991-1992), membership of the Association surged from six to 110 in the first three years.

The Association aims to promote friendships and communciations among its members from all over the world. Members of the CYS are all come from the Class of 1991 (F.5), Wah Yan College, Hong Kong. The Association has now 122 members residing in Hong Kong, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK.

CIN Network

Since its establishment in 1991, the Association has been expanding its services to its members. The CIN was setup in 1992, aiming to provide reliable multilateral communications and broadcasting services among members. The mailing hub of the network is now located at The CIN is now maintaining a forwarding list, which is composed of 91 CYS members, at the mailing hub. The hub acts like a postmaster to which mails sent will be automatically delivered to the other CIN members. The membership of the network is still growing steady in these years. (We thank Michael Sy for setting up the account for us!)

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